On Leading From the Center

Everywhere we look these days we see division, anger, misunderstanding, mistrust, violence and destruction. As leaders of nonprofits, we have an opportunity and a responsibility to do better. We can do better when we choose behaviors that allow us lead from the center. Think about these behaviors and try to apply them as you lead others.

  1. CARE – about everyone you lead. We all deserve your gift of leadership and your care and concern for us. Show us you care through your actions.
  2. CREATE – with your words and actions. Society and civilization are fragile and are maintained through mutual trust and agreement. Act in ways that lift us up.
  3. CONSIDER – points of view that you do not agree with. Try to understand why others feel that way. Imagine how your approach would change if you adopted some of those ideas.
  4. COMMUNICATE – positively. Choose words carefully so as to respect your listeners. Never respond in anger – pause instead.
  5. COMPROMISE – to engage. Think of the big picture. Share pain and reward with those who work to build bridges.