Association Management Companies are an exciting and fast-paced place to work. Our clients are focused on helping others and changing the world; we are privileged to be able to help them do that. If you have office and communication skills and thrive in a fast-paced environment where attention to detail is important we’d enjoy talking to you. We’re looking for team members who like to be challenged, who enjoy solving problems and who thrive in environments where they can help other people. If that is you, we’d love to share more information about FirstPoint Management Resources with you.

To succeed and thrive in an AMC you need to be especially good at 3 things: working cooperatively with volunteer leaders and teams, juggling multiple tasks and projects, and attention to detail. All three of these areas are always in play. Our account managers work with volunteer boards and committees to plan, administer and carry out projects. We also work together as a team on some projects that have too many moving parts and skill requirements for one person to handle. FirstPoint account managers are also engaged in many projects and often several clients at the same time. This means you need to have the mental ability to stop one activity and jump into another one with a minimum amount of down time. Finally, most of our activities contain a reliance on quality and precision. We are planning complex logistics for conventions and events, enhancing the reputation of our clients through writing and posting on social media and websites, and helping to provide testing and certification services, along with many other activities. It is easy to see where errors in these processes could jeopardize the reputation of our clients and our relationship with volunteer leaders who trust us to do a great job.

If these requirements line up with the kind of work you enjoy doing, we’d like to get to know you better and also take some time to go into details about FirstPoint and our clients. Please use the form below to send a question to FPMR’s Director of Operations or send your resume and contact information so that we can look it over and reach out to you. We’ve got a great team and we’re glad you’re interested in joining us!