Full Service Management

As a volunteer leader there are few things more satisfying than having great partners you can delegate to and rely on to help carry out the action plan of your association. FPMR is an association management company (AMC) — an alternative to hiring direct staff and opening an office. By using the AMC option, you gain the following advantages:

  • Specify the services you wish to contract for in a scope of work and only pay for those services
  • Take advantage of a deep bench and knowledge sharing among staff that happens behind the scenes
  • Gain access to needed staff quickly if an emergency should arise or conditions should suddenly change
  • Leverage economies of scale that come from shared services
  • FirstPoint provides externally audited work policies and processes as an Accredited AMC.

Can FirstPoint Management Resources help you? Here are some questions to ask before taking the next steps to explore a relationship with FPMR:

  1. Are you a volunteer working board that has too much to do and are seeking an alternative to doing everything yourself?
  2. Has your current Executive Director/CEO recently retired, or is about to retire? Has your industry or profession suddenly changed due to consolidation, regulatory change, or environmental stress?
  3. Is your current AMC failing to provide critical services or lacks expertise in an area important to your growth?

If your association is encountering these or other significant change events and you think FPMR could be of assistance, take a moment to send us a question or schedule a demo. We’re happy to share what we do with you and answer any questions you may have about how we relate and interact with boards and volunteer leaders. Contact us and let us know how we can help!