Strategic Planning

Sometimes an outside perspective can help boards focus and prioritize. Sometimes a neutral third-party facilitator is needed to help a board through a difficult conversation. Sometimes a board has crafted a good strategy but needs help bringing it to reality. If your board is facing a situation like this, FPMR can help.


Strategic planning is a critical step that aligns the thinking of board members and establishes a shared list of priorities, identifies available resources, and creates direct individual accountability and deadlines for each item. The process usually includes pre-planning research as well as facilitation of the planning event, creating a report of that summarizes the plan that was created and provides a tracking document to assist with implementation.


At serious periods of transition or crisis, third-party assistance is sometimes helpful to manage the process and help keep conflicts and disagreements in check. This can be especially helpful when boards need to discuss difficult issues like staff turnover/retirement, industry consolidation, continued relevance of the association’s mission, environmental stresses such as regulatory changes, and disruptive technology.