On Fundamental 12: Celebrate Success

There are few things as enjoyable as celebrating a successful outcome. In our work we have many events, projects and gatherings that deserve a celebration as we successfully conclude them. Here are a few thoughts on celebrating success:

BE successful. Before we can celebrate success we have to create success. This means we need to listen well to have a keen understanding of what’s needed. We need plan well to understand all the moving parts and necessary resources. And we need to execute well – carrying out our plans with precision, perseverance and enthusiasm. If we do those things well, success will be the natural outcome.

SEE success. We need to be observant of what goes on around us so that we know when our teammates or volunteers are successful. If we are alert and observant, we will see opportunities to recognize success almost every day. Each of us need encouragement and support. Let’s be there for fellow members of our team and be on the lookout for successful outcomes.

DE-clare success. If we see our teammate’s success or share our own success, the next step in celebrating is to make sure the whole team knows about it. By declaring our success everyone has an opportunity to celebrate it together. Report them as WOWs. Send an email to everyone. Mention the success in a staff meeting. Spread the word so we can all join in the festivities!

A rising tide lifts all boats. When we have an opportunity to celebrate success, we can all feel the joy and excitement that comes from a successful outcome. Thanks for helping to celebrate success!