On Creating Win-Win Solutions

FUNDAMENTAL 14 – Create Win-Win Solutions

I am working on a project for one of AMC Institute’s committees which required me to address the situation of balanced loyalty. The situation works like this: when account managers and admins first come to work they have strong loyalty to the AMC and minimal loyalty to clients. The longer staff works with clients the more loyalty tends to shift from the AMC to the client as you work closely with boards and share in project work. The real answer is a balance between the two; this can be tricky to find and maintain. One way to do this is by seeking win-win solutions.

What is a win-win solution? According to Stephen Covey who references the term in his “Seven Habits of Highly Effective People” it is a situation where all parties in an activity, negotiation, agreement or interaction receive mutual benefit and satisfaction as a result of the proposed solution. In a win-win solution nobody feels deprived or undervalued. All sides gain something at the conclusion of the transaction.

These types of solutions can be obvious. More frequently they are hiding under more obvious choices that benefit one party or the other. We have to work extra hard to unearth motivations, benefits and hidden fears or advantages of employing a solution. The effort we put in is worth it if both parties feel good about the arrangement when it’s done. 

Thanks for doing your part to identify and implement win-win solutions with our clients!