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Running a non-profit can be difficult. We’re here to help. We create exceptional experiences for non-profit leaders. As a leader you need a great team to support you. FirstPoint Management Resources can provide the staff support you need to overcome obstacles and successfully complete strategic objectives.


“The scope of work FPMR provides for CCI is very broad. It includes providing general staffing, physical office space, maintaining and developing the database, management of CCI’s website, fiscal management, representation of CCI at meetings, retaining and communicating with legal counsel, meeting facilitation, developing and publishing communications to constituents, management of customer relations, and the list goes on. What you won’t find in the scope of work FPMR provides is the level of dedication, expertise and service their leaders and employees give to CCI. They go above and beyond expectations. They listen to and value the input from the volunteer board members.” Marsha Roberts, Past President, Cardiovascular Credentialing International

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Here are some questions you can ask before taking the next steps to explore a relationship with FPMR.

  • Are you a volunteer working board that has too much to do and are seeking an alternative to doing everything yourself ?

  • Are you in the process of managing an executive transition such as a retirement or filling an executive staffing vacancy?

  • Is your industry or profession at a critical crossroads that could be guided by your association if you had an appropriate plan of action?

If you are facing these or other questions, we'd be glad to help. Ask a question on the form provided. If we have some thoughts to share, we will provide those to you at no cost.

Are you looking for association management services? Request a quote from us for full-service management or specific association management services using forms available on the "Ask" page.

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