We Have Homework

Once upon a time we all dreaded homework. It was a necessary condition of going to school and represented some kind of unfair intrusion into our freedom from school. Now, we consider ourselves fortunate if we are able to work from home since that means we are still employed.

In the non-profit association world, this is not so unusual. Millions of volunteers spend countless hours on board conference calls and editing shared documents with other members of committees and task groups, or working independently to research, formulate and deliver on assigned objectives. The location of the work is not nearly so important as progress toward fulfilling the mission.

Yes, the COVID pandemic has created significant challenges for nonprofit organizations. Our face to face meetings and events have been cancelled or postponed, some of our leaders and volunteers have been sidelined by illness or, even worse, have passed away due to severe illness. Many healthcare workers who participate in volunteer associations are occupied on the front lines of treatment and research. Those conditions have created delays that are unavoidable.

For the rest of us, we have homework. As long as the mission has not been accomplished, we have meaningful work to do. We serve best when we observe the rules at the same time we are focused on our next steps that lead toward a mission achieved. There are no efforts too small if they are aligned with this purpose. We are home and we have work to do. Let’s get busy.